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COVID-19 Aide: Visitation Shelters, Rapid Deployment Shelters

October 13, 2020
Bison Container Homes visitation shelters for personal care homes
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A safe and comfortable environment is a top priority for families across the world today. Many family members have been unable to visit one another, specifically those in personal care homes, due to the pandemic we are battling through. When COVID-19 materialized, we quickly realized we had to adapt with shipping container models that accommodate those affected.

Given the recent COVID-19 cases in Manitoban First Nations, it’s become our duty to provide families with safety and comfort through our container homes. We are set on building as many visitations shelters as necessary for all remote communities in need.

Bison Container Homes Visitation Shelters

Bison Container Homes’ visitation shelters allow families to see loves ones in personal care homes whom they have been unable to visit. Each unit comes with two rooms: a visiting room with a table and chairs and a sanitization room that is secured from the visiting room with a heavy-duty door.

Bison Container Homes visitation shelter exterior

Available as either 20′ or 40′ shipping containers, Bison Container Homes’ visitation shelters are assembled to survive any environment and any climate. Like all other Bison Container Homes steel products, these shelters will last longer than your average building and they can deliver them via road, rail, or even boat — you just tell us where.

Bison Container Homes’ visitation shelters are fully insulated, heated, air-conditioned, and come with the option of a built-in washroom. They’ve also ensured everything from the interior walls to the seat of each chair can easily be wiped down and cleaned in order to remove any germs after each visit.

Each unit can remain attached to a personal care home through a fabric building corridor provided by Cobra Structures.

Cobra Enterprises Working as One

At Cobra Enterprises, all divisions share a common goal of customer satisfaction. Except this time around, we are unified as one in our fight against COVID-19. Cobra Structures has since pooled their resources to assemble Rapid Deployment Shelters wherever needed.

Cobra Structures rapid deployment shelters

These Rapid Deployment Shelters provide a solution for overcrowded hospitals, clinics, and communities, giving workers the extra space they need to do their job. Deploying emergency shelters can ease current threats from COVID-19, and help contain future outbreaks.

Cobra Structures’ Rapid Deployment Shelters can be used for COVID-19 test, treatment, and quarantine sites as well as emergency shelters and temporary storage buildings. Each pre-engineered building comes with full electrical, heating, and lighting services and has over 30 furnished individual rooms.

All shelters are portable and can be erected on existing levelled concrete, gravel, asphalt, and earth. As a result, Cobra Structures’ team is quick, efficient, and ready to deploy the shelters.

Sustainability, Upcycle Potential

When the COVID-19 situation passes, we easily re-locate or take down these shelters. We are already upcycling each shipping container we use, so we’re just continuing this process. Our visitation shelters can quickly become office modules, or we can swap the entire interior for a single-unit home.

Cobra Structures rapid deployment shelters

Rapid Deployment Shelters have many future options such as shops, heated storage, community centres, daycares, and more. Working as one organization, both Bison Container Homes and Cobra Structures will be able to re-purpose our buildings in order to serve your needs.

But for now, let’s keep families together with our shipping containers and fabric covers.