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Strength You Can Afford To Invest In

Our custom fabric buildings are excellent options that promote better health and well-being of your animals. Compared with traditional steel or wood barns, our fabric buildings maintain ideal living conditions for livestock year-round.

Our custom fabric structures will easily accommodate the equipment necessary to manage your herds and are spacious enough for items like:

  • Milking Systems
  • Chimneys
  • Various Door Sizes
  • Troughs
  • Feed Bunks
  • Curtains
  • Farm Equipment
  • Eaves & Vents
  • Various Door Styles
  • Farm Machinery

Healthy Animals and Economic Barns

Maintaining a healthy herd is crucial to the prosperity of your farm. Our structures allow in ample natural light that contributes to the well-being of your livestock. Our fabric covers provide superior ventilation that reduces the build-up of moisture and bacteria, decreasing the risk of disease and mortality in your herd. These benefits can also increase the natural breeding and production cycle of your livestock.

Our fabric buildings are pre-engineered up to 300 feet wide, any length you require, and do not require internal columns. An open floor plan allows you the flexibility to design the perfect dairy barn. Our modular design makes for an efficient and quick installment with little operational downtime.

Our fabric livestock and dairy barn structures are a cost-effective alternative to traditional barns. With the added health benefits and natural weight gain our buildings encourage, there is less need for antibiotics and medical treatments. You can arrange the floor plan as you need to maximize space for animal husbandry, create niche areas for storage or quadrants to section off part of your herd.

We recommend our Epic Building Series fabric structures for your dairy buildings. These will have the look of a traditional barn, but all the benefits of a fabric building.


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The Ideal Choice for...

Shed & Shelters

Alternative shelters for birthing females or animals in poor health.

Cattle, Goat & Sheep

Ideal for small herds as well as commercial beef cattle, goat, and sheep farms all year long. Perfect for small family herds and include a modular configuration so you can arrange your floor plan to suit your needs.


Keep feed dry throughout the season with a climate controlled fabric structure.

Dairy Cattle Barns

Perfect for commercial dairy farms and small family herds alike, fabric barns allow for modular configuration within the structure.

Free-Stall Barns

Free-stall housing systems are a key aspect in housing and feeding your herd. Our free-stall barns possess a more desirable environment for dairy cows providing more movement and arrangement options.

Compost Pack Barns

Also known as compost barns or bedding pack barns, offer additional comfort to lactating dairy cows and calves.

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