Welcome to the Family!

Cobra Enterprises is a family-owned organization including Cobra Structures, Cobra Construction, Cobra Mechanical, and Bison Modular Homes. We operate under similar family values to encourage team members to ask questions, share ideas, and voice any concerns. We value individuals that are highly motivated, have a strong work ethic, and are willing to do what it takes as a team. We believe that working in a respectful and team-focused environment is healthy for the company and makes work more enjoyable for all those who work here. Our long term, dedicated employees are the keys to our success!


After the 90-day probationary period team members will receive a benefits package to assist their family’s wellbeing. This plan includes medical, dental, travel insurance, disability, life, disability, and other extended health benefits.

Career Development

Cobra Enterprises recognizes the talent and ability of its team members; we strongly believe that career development opportunities are necessary for team member satisfaction in the work environment. When you join our team, we will encourage open communication to ensure that every team member has an equal opportunity to develop and grow through regular performance reviews. These reviews are conducted to keep open communication channels so that we can help each other provide the best work environment. We believe our team members are our most valuable strength and providing them with these opportunities will set individuals up for greater career fulfillment.

Workplace and Worker Safety

Safety is the utmost importance when it comes to working with Cobra Enterprises. We are continuously working on keeping a safe work environment by supplying training, putting precautions in place, and making sure team members make it home safely. Team members will have the opportunity to attend safety training to further career development.

Team Environment

Laughter, shared values, and a genuine interest in our team members’ lives are at the root of our company culture. We like to maintain this company culture by offering events and activities that bring our Cobra family together. Some events offered in the past are Christmas dinners, paintballing, and BBQs. We are constantly thinking of activities to help everyone enjoy great food, relaxing, and having fun.


Current Job Postings:

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Cobra Structures service area map

Our Service Area

Cobra Structures specializes in the sales and installation of engineered and fabric buildings in all of North America. Based just outside of Winnipeg, we offer efficient and affordable options for your permanent, portable, and temporary building needs.