Storing salt and sand inside cobra fabric structure


Salt & Sand

Protecting your Assets

Our buildings are the preferred choice for engineers, purchasing agents, and operations management across North America. We build economical, long-lasting bulk salt and sand storage buildings for protection against the elements and reduced caking and runoff.

We engineer these fabric structures for operating machinery, allowing you to maximize cubic storage space and minimizing the overall cost per ton stored. With widths up to 300 feet to easily accommodate doors of all sizes, and with our hot-dip galvanized steel trusses, you can store more salt and sand for less.


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The Ideal Choice for...

Sand & Salt Dome Storage

Our installations are durable, fixed storage domes that have no obstructing interior columns, so vehicles and equipment can easily move in and out.

Mixed Use Material Storage

Salt can be safely stored and kept dry under our domed fabric structures in convenient, roadside locations. These can be temporary structures for seasonal use and are highly portable.

Split Salt & Sand Storage

Make full use of Britespan’s clear span fabric buildings by making yours multifunctional and efficient.

Palletized Salt Storage

A fabric salt storage structure is ideal for palletized salt storage. Our dome-shaped structures with space that’s easy to navigate will accommodate forklift use.

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Cobra Structures specializes in the sales and installation of engineered and fabric buildings in all of North America. Based just outside of Winnipeg, we offer efficient and affordable options for your permanent, portable, and temporary building needs.