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7 Fabric Building Profiles and Their Advantages

November 26, 2021
By: Cobra Structures Team

Designing various fabric building profiles allows for a solution to any building need. Over the past few decades, steel-framed fabric buildings have continued to evolve into innovative and versatile building solutions for just about every building application and sector. This includes buildings used for municipal and public works, commercial storage, and agriculture. To keep up with industry needs, companies must use cutting edge technology in engineering buildings to clients’ exact site loads, use, and application. 

Britespan Building Systems is a fabric building manufacturer based in Wingham, Ontario. Britespan’s fabric building profiles offer versatile storage and shelter building solutions available. They offer the widest variety of building styles, with accessories and components available to customize each building to exceed your needs. As an authorized Britespan dealer, below are the seven profiles Cobra Structures offers.

1. Apex Series

For distinctive prefabricated buildings, the Apex Building profile exhibits eye-catching characteristics with a curved roof profile, sharp peak, and sidewall legs — giving the Apex style and character without sacrificing functionality. Apex buildings come from 53′ to 100′ wide and with clear span interiors.⁣

2. Atlas Series

The Atlas Building profile defines the traditional look of a fabric-covered building. Available from  24’ to 108’ wide, the Atlas is a popular choice for barns, implement and equipment storage, commercial warehouses, and storage buildings. ⁣

3. Easy Access Series

The Easy Access profile covers your most valuable products while allowing unprecedented access — it’s right in the name! Unique to this style, choose either end or side (up to an entire side) openings to maximize traffic flow and access. Easy Access buildings are available from 38′ to 67′ wide. They are often used for crop, feed, equipment, and vehicle storage. ⁣

4. Epic Series

If you’re looking for a traditional building look with all the benefits of a fabric building, the Epic Building is the perfect fit. Epic buildings come with natural light, superior ventilation, and no interior columns. The Epic is a popular style for dairy buildings, having a straight wall design that offers the flexibility of door locations and sidewall features. This profile is available in 80′ to 120′ wide ⁣designs.

5. Genesis Series

Well-suited to a variety of commercial and applications, the Genesis Building profile offers a large amount of covered but unobstructed space for your operations. The Genesis is available from 80’ to 200’ wide and is a popular choice for salt and sand storage buildings, manufacturing facilities, warehousing, dairy barns, and equine riding arenas. ⁣

6. Magnum Series

The Magnum Building profile is one of a kind in the fabric building market. Each profile has the option of either a 10′ or a 16′ high leg and is ideal for any operations requiring maximum height clearance and cubic storage. The Magnum comes in three different widths: either 66′, 73′ or 80′ wide. They can be built to any length — as is the case with the other six fabric building profiles.

7. Rigid Beam Series

The Rigid Beam Building profile is an I-beam style truss building that is completely customizable and allows for structures up to 300’ wide. It is optimal for buildings larger than 200’ wide, including large aircraft hangars, tall seed cleaning plants, indoor recreation facilities, any buildings that require gantry cranes, and more. ⁣

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