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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Salt & Sand | Custom | Atlas


Last month the City of Saskatoon not only got three existing salt and sand storage buildings torn down but had three more built right back up before their two-week timeline. How so? Look no further than Cobra Structures, as we completed this project from start to finish in just 10 days.


  • 2 42’ x 48’ buildings (2,016 square feet each)
  • 55’ x 80’ building (4,400 square feet)
  • Atlas Building profile
  • 10’ concrete walls
  • Concrete wall foundation
  • Open side
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel trusses


With winter quickly approaching, the City of Saskatoon wanted to get ahead and have this job finished immediately. Our installation team understood this priority and got off to a quick start, removing the existing fabric structures within 48 hours. Only the 10’ concrete walls stood as our pre-engineered materials rolled in.

Installation of New Structures

Upon takedown, our crew discovered the existing concrete anchors could not be re-used, meaning we had to think on our toes and quickly engineer custom mounts for each building. We drilled holes beside the existing mounts and got right back to business.

Once all materials shipped in including the fabric cover from our partner Britespan Building Systems, we began our speedy install process on the three side-by-side buildings. Our team knocked off the first two 42’ x 48’ Atlas structures in a couple of days and finished off with the larger 55’ x 80’ Atlas. The City needed new lighting inside the structure, and we added in a new system with ease.

Client Approval

The City of Saskatoon gave our fabric buildings a full-sign off with zero issues, saying speed was one of the most impressive qualities about our work. We promised our client that our manufacturing efficiency would lead to a better price and faster install and we delivered on both.

This project confirmed Cobra Structures provides exactly what we preach: customer satisfaction and product quality through being on time and on budget. Our experience came through on this job-site, which we spent 10 days on removing three buildings and erecting three more.