Cobra Structures COVID-19 Shelters

COVID-19 Help and Shelters

How Cobra Is Helping You

We are pooling our resources with Bison Container Homes to assemble Rapid Deployment Shelters and Visitation Shelters wherever needed. Our shelters come in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected countless families.

Rapid Deployment Shelters

Our Rapid Deployment Shelters Provide a solution for the overcrowded hospitals, clinics, and communities, giving workers the extra space they need to do their job. With over 30 individual rooms per building, we also provide full electrical, heating, and lighting services. They can be used as COVID-19 test, treatment, & quarantine sites; temporary storage buildings; emergency shelters; & disaster relief buildings. Built-in washrooms are available too.

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Visitation Shelters

Our visitation shelters allow families to see loves ones in personal care homes whom they have been unable to visit. Each unit comes with a visiting room with a table and chairs and a sanitization room that is secured from the visiting room with a heavy-duty door. Our visitation shelters are fully insulated, heated, air-conditioned, and come with the option of a built-in washroom. Everything from the interior walls to the chair seats can easily be wiped down and cleaned in order to remove any germs.

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We Are Ready To Help Your Community

COVID-19 Shelters from Cobra Enterprises

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