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Saskatchewan, Canada

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Our fabric building wash bay was our cost-effective solution for this Canadian mining client. The building has a 72’ x 70’ Atlas Building fabric building cover and a shipping container foundation that stores the greywater and freshwater tanks.

From start to finish, Cobra Enterprises employees assembled this innovative project in-house — a testament to the teamwork of our growing divisions


  • 72’ x 70’ size (5,040 square feet)
  • Shipping container foundation —  8′ x 40′ containers with 2 doors, 8′ x 30′ container with 1 door
  • Hot-dip galvanized trusses
  • 8′ x 12′ roll-up door
  • Mechanical system
  • Supply, delivery, and full turnkey installation


During the first week of December 2020, our mechanical division delivered a shipping container wash bay to a mining site in the Canadian Prairies. This project was a collaborative effort between all four divisions of Cobra Enterprises. Upon arrival, our building installers contributed by erecting the fabric building cover overtop the equipment wash bay in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Divisional Work Breakdown

– Cobra Construction completed the shipping container prefabrication

Bison Container Homes supplied the shipping container foundation and structural design and material

Cobra Mechanical installed all of the building’s electrical and heating systems (at their production shop and on-site)

– Cobra Structures supplied and installed the 72′ x 70′ fabric building cover

Wash Bay Features

The wash bay consists of two shipping containers: a 40’ long unit with three 1250-gallon greywater tanks used to store wastewater after someone washes any equipment. The second container is a 30’ long unit that houses three freshwater tanks equal in size, complete with the most important piece of equipment: the Hotsy Pressure washer/boiler.


– 600 amp 600-volt electrical service.

– Oil interceptor and three-kilowatt unit heater.

– 3 1250-gallon greywater tanks used to store wastewater.

– 3 freshwater tanks equal in size.

– Hotsy Pressure washer/boiler


– 1 8’ x 40’ shipping container, 1 8’ x 30’ container

– 1 make up air unit with 120-kilowatt electric coil (pictured to right)

– Fabric building cover

– Concrete foundation with shipping containers

This wash bay is heated with electric heat and comes with a complete prefabricated electrical room built off-site before shipped to site. Where it is an option, the water and building could also be heated using natural gas.

Turnkey Building Solutions

From start to finish, Cobra Enterprises employees assembled this innovative project in-house. This wash bay is a portable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for a well-established client, and a testament to the teamwork of our growing divisions. At Cobra Enterprises we are dedicated to delivering new, sustainable ways for your business to operate. Contact us today to get started.