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Strength in a Long-term Solution

We offer economical and versatile fabric buildings ideal for bulk fertilizer storage, grain storage, and flat storage.

Superior ventilation and fresh air maintain commodity quality, reduce spoilage, and increase profits. A column-free interior with optimal height allows you to maximize interior storage. Easily accommodate conveyors and elevators forklifts, racks, loaders, and other heavy machinery.

Reduce operating costs by minimizing the need for daytime lighting and improve worker safety with naturally bright interiors. Our modular design, pre-engineered up to 300 feet wide and to any length, makes for quick and efficient construction with little operating downtime.



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The Ideal Choice for...

Bulk Fertilizer Storage

Increased efficiency and productivity with easy access and unobstructed interior space.

Grain Storage

Eliminate waste with functional storage and easy access.

Feed Storage

An excellent way to store, protect, and access livestock feed.

Salt Storage

Corrosion resistant storage that protects salt from the elements.

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Cobra Structures specializes in the sales and installation of engineered and fabric buildings in all of North America. Based just outside of Winnipeg, we offer efficient and affordable options for your permanent, portable, and temporary building needs.