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Waste & Recycling

A Durable, Economic Solution

Find the storage and management system for waste and recycling with Cobra Structures.

We fabricate fully engineered structures for nearly any industry nationwide. Fully customizable, with sizes up to 300 feet wide and as long as your facility requires, our buildings meet the demands of your business. Our column-free interiors provide optimal height, allowing for uninhibited use inside the structure. Regardless of the fabric building you select, it will accommodate machinery, bays, trucks, and all kinds of equipment without interference.

Our fabric structures are non-corrosive and can include options like:

  • Extra high side walls
  • Variety of door sizes and options
  • Foundations
  • Insulation
  • Branding
  • And more!

Our dedication to your satisfaction is a driving force behind our success and yours.


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The Ideal Choice for...

Sorting Facility

As an economic alternative to traditional steel or brick buildings, our portable structures provide the type of storage you need for sorting bins.

Compost Facility

Holding stations for recyclables or a processing facility. Translucent fabric creates an environment of safety for your crews by providing a shadow-free interior.

Transfer Station

Because they cover a large span, our fabric structures are an excellent option for temporarily holding waste. Sizes are customizable up to 300 feet wide and any length you require.

Material Storage Buildings

Clear span interiors allow you to maximize the functionality of your building. Storage, processing and holding can be housed in a single structure without interfering with forklifts, conveyors, trucks and other heavy equipment.

We understand your needs.

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Our Service Area

Cobra Structures specializes in the sales and installation of engineered and fabric buildings in all of North America. Based just outside of Winnipeg, we offer efficient and affordable options for your permanent, portable, and temporary building needs.