Mining Client: Lubricant Cold Storage Warehouse


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Northwestern Ontario, Canada

Warehouse | Custom | Atlas


With six customized 40’ long sea containers as a foundation, each having roll-up door access from either the outside or inside of the building, this mining client has a cold storage warehouse with maximum accessible storage space. Their 62’ x 120’ Atlas building is an outside-the-box solution for the storage of all their oil, gas, grease, and other chemicals


  • 62’ x 120’ size (7,440 square feet)
  • Atlas Building profile
  • 12’ wide overhead door
  • Shipping container foundation
  • 6 8’ x 40’ shipping containers
  • 3 exterior rollover doors (on containers)
  • 3 interior rollover doors (on containers)
  • 8’ man door
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel trusses


This project highlighted all of our team’s strengths. In particular, our ability to provide custom solutions on demand. We had already begun the setup of a larger warehouse at this Northwestern Ontario mining site when asked to provide this lubricant storage warehouse. With tight deadlines, our team was able to supply and install both buildings at the same time.

Shipping Container Foundation

This cold storage building is a 62’ x 120’ Atlas Building totalling 7,440 square feet. The Atlas is a popular building profile for a shipping container foundation due to its ease of setup, generous interior space, and cost effectiveness.

The sea can container foundation is one we excel at. We’ve installed previous fabric structures with this foundation. For custom sea container solutions, we work closely with our sister company Bison Container Homes.

We also added a container eave package to this fabric structure. The eave system carries away snow and rain from the structure so it doesn’t accumulate on top of the sea can containers, thus mitigating damage to the building.

Installing the Warehouse

Within two weeks, this mining client in Ontario had their new cold storage lubrication warehouse ready for use. The extra storage space from the shipping containers have been of great benefit, and Cobra Structures can also provide other custom storage options and upgrades such as liquid containment units.

The shipping container foundation was just another example of how Cobra Structures can handle custom, innovative building solutions. This mining client now has a cost-effective way of storing materials in separate areas.

This project is why we tell our client base that we thrive in challenging environments. Our installation team had to work in a northern winter climate, design a custom structure that met the client’s needs, and manage the worksite in order to stay on time and on budget.

At Cobra Structures, we conquer these challenges to exceed our clients’ needs.