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Norway House, Manitoba

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Playgreen Development Corporation (PDC) chose Cobra Enterprises for their new 55′ x 60′ insulated warehouse fabric structure in northern Manitoba. The building has a shipping container foundation providing 960 extra square feet of storage, while a free-span profile allows plenty of height for employees to operate forklifts and other machinery.

When it came to withstanding the extreme Canadian winters, Cobra Mechanical presented PDC with their controlled feature packages.


  • 55’ x 60’ size (3,300 square feet)
  • Shipping container foundation — 2 8′ x 40′ containers, 2 8′ x 20′ containers
  • Hot-dip galvanized trusses
  • 1 16′ x 16′ overhead door
  • 2 3′ x 7′ man doors
  • Fully insulated, lighting package
  • Supply, delivery, and full turnkey installation


Working with a single company when designing a new, custom maintenance facility with controlled features saves both time and costs. It’s why our organization has evolved into a full turnkey provider with structure, mechanical, and construction divisions. It’s also why the Playgreen Development Corporation (PDC) chose Cobra Enterprises for their turnkey needs in northern Manitoba.

Understanding the Client’s Needs

Together, we worked with PDC to engineer a new 3,300 square foot fabric structure warehouse in northern Manitoba. The 55’ x 60’ building came with several customizations, per the client’s requests.

As a heavy-duty road construction company, PDC needed a free-span building with plenty of height to allow employees to operate forklifts and other machinery. They also needed the warehouse to withstand the northern Canadian winters. And lastly, PDC wanted to maximize their storage space.

Fabric Building Customizations

The 55’ x 60’ building profile met their needs, as did the 16′ x 16′ overhead door with a chain hoist. When it came to withstanding the extreme Canadian winters, we presented PDC with our controlled features in conjunction with Cobra Mechanical and their services.

For starters, our installers fully insulated the warehouse (R-30 insulation). Then our mechanical division hooked up a 60-amp sub electrical panel to feed off an existing building, and installed a lighting package including two exterior floodlights mounted on the front of a shipping container. To improve ventilation, they also installed two ceiling fans with 4 service plugs installed on a shipping container.

When it came to maximizing storage space, our shipping container foundation was a perfect solution. Before shipping to site, our installers pre-fabricated two 8’ x 40’ containers and two 8 x 20’ containers. This created an additional 960 square feet of storage space. After delivering the containers to site, we installed the 55’ x 60’ frame made of our durable, hot-dipped galvanized steel trusses and a fabric cover.

Finished Warehouse, Building Package

Within two weeks, PDC had a new insulated warehouse with lights. Their employees appreciate both the space and height of the building, but also the very bright lights. PDC has since used the shipping container foundation as storage for tires and other machinery.

With this maintenance facility being suitable for any industrial company, we’re now offering it as a package building. These pre-designed packages are meant to make your planning process easier, while still offering customizations within each building.