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Temporary fabric buildings in Winnipeg Manitoba


We supported both Graham Construction and Flatiron Construction when they needed the services of a temporary fabric structure. Both companies were pouring concrete on two different Perimeter Highway overpasses in Winnipeg, and using a temporary fabric structure is a common application when doing so.


  •  60’ x 100’, 100′ x 100′, & 70′ x 120′ buildings
  • Atlas Building profiles
  •  I-beam rail system 
  • Supply & install (repeated)


Temporary fabric structures are a convenient option for several uses, such as covering concrete pours over construction projects on bridges as per the law in Manitoba. Back when the Perimeter Highway around Winnipeg was undergoing bridge construction we were heavily relied on for our supply, installation, and takedown services. At Cobra Structures, we preach the importance of being available at all times and places when it comes to temporary structures.

Temporary Fabric Structures – Winnipeg, Manitoba

First, in order to avoid high traffic periods we had to be available at all times of the day. So there would be no interference from passing vehicles, our installation team was often rolling up in their Cobra Structures’ trucks before 3 a.m. to pull the fabric over with the use of cranes.

Once our installation team erected the fabric buildings, they used an I-beam rail system to pull the building overtop the area of the concrete pour. A winch device is attached to the steel trusses of the fabric building to ensure a smooth, controlled operation.

Cobra Structures’ Support

Throughout the summer a minimum of two Cobra Structures installers were on-site at all times. Over some periods up to half-a-dozen installers were called on when Graham and Flatiron needed extra support. The clients knew our Cobra Structures crew was a knowledgeable, local partner in Winnipeg that could keep operations efficient.

Structure Take Down & Install

Efficiency was crucial throughout the project. With 11 bridges to pour over on the Lagimodière Boulevard overpass, Flatiron needed Cobra Structures to erect and take down one temporary 60’ x 100’ building seven times and erect and take down another 100’ x 100’ building six times. Since the temporary fabric buildings couldn’t turn with the overpass our team instead had to set up the fabric building on one side of the overpass, pull it for the pours, take it down, and then repeat the process on the other side.

Over at the McPhillips overpass, our crew installed the 70’ x 120’ building in a week. Our team then stayed on-site to help pull the building and then to take the temporary structure down. Both clients were extremely pleased with Cobra Structures’ 24/7 availability and all-around services.


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