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Breaking Down the 3 Main Industries for Fabric Structures

October 20, 2021
Cobra Structures fertilizer buildings
By: Cobra Structures Team

One solution doesn’t fit all, and this is especially true for clients with building needs. Most pre-engineered building manufacturers categorize the uses of fabric structures under three main industries: agricultural, civic, and commercial. Customization possibilities within every single fabric building install are endless, but these three industries tend to cover the typical needs of clients.

 custom fabric structure

Fabric Structures for All Industries

Most pre-engineered structures are available from 24′ to 300′ wide and any length. As an authorized Britespan dealer, companies like Cobra Structures recommend every fabric structure to come with their manufactured hot-dip galvanized metal trusses. This contributes to Cobra’s industry-best quality, durability, and practicality.

To exceed your expectations, fabric structures even have additional parts and accessories for more functionality for all industries. This, along with cost savings, makes fabric buildings the ideal option for any business in need of expansive operational space.


Cobra Structures dairy barn

Agricultural fabric structures cover any need out on the farm. Free-stall housing systems are a key aspect in housing and feeding your herd. Compost barns or bedding pack barns offer additional comfort to lactating dairy cows and calves. There are great solutions for indoor equine riding arenas, whether for personal use or as part of a rodeo.⁣ Or if you need any agricultural storage, you can safely store your tractors, loaders, cutters, tools, and more while gaining the space you need to maintain organized and efficient operations.

equine riding arena fabric building

Whether it’s a 400’ long compost back barn in the Prairies or a 72’ wide equine riding arena for personal use, you have endless customization options when planning out your new agricultural fabric structure. This includes doors, ventilation systems, side walls, and even the entire floor plan of your agricultural structure. At the end of the day, these buildings promote better health and well-being of your animals!


cobra structures fabric building hockey rinks

Civic fabric buildings are the preferred choice for communities in need of recreational and hospitality spaces but also engineers, purchasing agents, and operations management across North America. You can construct the ideal sports building with an engineered fabric structure and keep your teams playing all year-round or build economical, long-lasting bulk salt and sand storage buildings for protection against the elements and reduced caking and runoff. Regardless of the building profile, fabric structures in all industries accommodate machinery, bays, trucks, and all kinds of equipment without interference.

cobra structures events hospitality fabric building

Whether it’s a multifunctional salt & sand storage facility inside city parameters or a fabric-covered rink in a northern community, there are innovative uses for fabric buildings in the civic industry. Column-free interiors provide optimal height, allowing for uninhibited use inside the structure. Then manufacturers design outdoor event structures to be spacious, inviting, and hospitable for your guests.


cobra structures genesis profile warehouse

Commercial buildings are great for storage and often offer a place for shelter from the elements at sites like mining camps. These fabric structures can be erected on a variety of portable and temporary foundation styles. This gives you the flexibility to operate, relocate or deconstruct a building when finished at exploration job sites. Clients can choose between cold storage warehouse solutions or add insulation packages that suit their growing businesses. With natural light permeating through the fabric, you can still control your energy costs. These also include aircraft buildings using the highest design standards and meeting the latest building codes.

fabric building warehouse insulation cobra structures

Whether it’s an insulated warehouse or a portable exploration facility in the Canadian Arctic, companies engineer commercial fabric structures for all environments and efficient operations. The extra high unobstructed clearances accommodate large and heavy equipment easily and allow you to maximize cubic storage.

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