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Simplifying Your Fabric Building Project with Turnkey Services

May 22, 2021
Cobra Structures warehouse fabric building
By: Cobra Structures Team

Turnkey products and services are today’s way of providing clients with an easy, stress-free project from start to finish. At Cobra Structures we’ve taken every step necessary to offer our potential and existing customers the service of full turnkey solutions for their fabric building projects.

By keeping our design, delivery, and installation in-house we are able to save you both time and costs on your project — some of which other companies can’t avoid. We only get our supply through our partner Britespan, which is a simple process that adds consistency.

Turnkey Services

If you’re not fully sure exactly what a turnkey product or service is, it’s something that comes to the customer fully built and ready to operate. Picture it like this, an eager client orders a custom fabric building for their operations. Once the order’s confirmed, our building installers deliver all the materials and install the building in a quick manner. Before they know it, the client can use their new fabric building — without having to do a second of labour to set it up.

Cobra Structures fabric building installation

The Push for B2B Turnkey Projects

A recent Forbes article conducted a case study on a gaming group to showcase why turnkey services are the next big thing in B2B. In reality, this is an ideology we’ve been preaching since we began expanding our divisions within Cobra Enterprises (more on that later). The Forbes article states that turnkey services are “dominating the B2B sector because they are a simple, straightforward solution that enable businesses to remain competitive.”

The article then explains that since the featured gaming group acts as a middleman for gaming content, everybody wins. Their business keeps the game developer and the game distributors active and competitive. Switching back to the fabric building industry, the same idea rings true.

Cobra Structures Turnkey Process

Cobra Structures fertilizer operations building

Say a fertilizer client orders a Cobra Structures fabric building. We then work with our partner Britespan to make sure every piece of material — from the galvanized steel trusses to the fabric cover — is engineered to the fertilizer client’s exact needs. Once we receive the material, we install the building so it’s readily available for the fertilizer client. This process keeps Britespan active and the fertilizer client with a new fabric building. The fertilizer client can then better and expand their operations, keeping their company active. Everybody wins.

But while most fabric building providers are able to provide this type of service, Cobra Structures goes above and beyond.

Going an Above & Beyond: Cobra Enterprises

As a brief history on our organization, we’re a division of Cobra Enterprises. Tyler Prevost first founded the organization in 2009. Our division began operations six years later, and since then it has expanded with two more divisions: Bison Container Homes and Cobra Mechanical.

Together, all four divisions contribute to providing full commercial and industrial turnkey solutions. A prime example of how our divisions operate together is showcased in this fabric building wash bay project.

Cobra Enterprises turnkey fabric building wash bay

Where turnkey projects can get complicated and time-consuming is when contractors get involved. With Cobra Enterprises, we’re able to minimize and often eliminate the need. If a commercial fabric building requires any controlled feature, it’s handled in-house. That’s whether it’s a heating, lighting, cooling need — you name it.

With storage being a key component of commercial fabric buildings, Bison Container Homes is often offering their services. Shipping containers are a cost-effective approach, when compared to traditional storage methods. With this to many clients’ liking, Bison Container Homes is able to supply the foundation as well as structural design and material for shipping containers used as a type of storage.

With four divisions operating as one organization, Cobra Enterprises is able to deliver industry-best turnkey solutions. Get in contact today for a free quote on your project.